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  Chongqing Changji Technology Co., Ltd. (BTL), after years of research and development on the core part of the hollow cup motor, the hollow cup winding technology, has developed a large-sized hollow cup winding automatic winding machine, which broke the foreign hollow cup. The long-term monopoly of this technology by motor manufacturers is the only manufacturer in China that has mastered this technology for large-sized hollow-core motor manufacturers. Based on this, the research team has developed a set of accurate calculation methods for hollow-core motors. The brushless hollow cup motor has reached the international leading level of technology。
  At this stage, the company mainly develops and produces large-size (outer diameter 16mm-100mm), high-power, multi-pole, high-speed (up to 120,000 rpm), and the highest efficiency up to 93% of the brushless hollow cup motor. Products have been widely used in military, medical, intelligent equipment, machinery, new energy vehicles, power tools and other fields. With the mission of “Technology for the Country”, we are committed to becoming the leader in the automated production technology of hollow cup motors and the leader of the national brand of hollow cup motors.。